Health. Confidence. Self-Love.

End The Struggle With Food and Your Body. Love Yourself More.

From diet obsessed to nourished + confident.

Hi, I'm Kat Feeney, @xokatfeeney on all social media platforms! If you want to chat, definitely message me on Instagram.

I help women end the struggle with food so that they can nail their nutrition and have more energy to do stuff that matters.

Truth is you get to be healthy without obsessing over every bite.

Without ultra low calorie meal plans.

Or subscribing to a specific diet type.

No need for $$$ nutrition systems monthly.

Or skipping meals.

Nothing is "off limits".

You can eat carbs and have a rockin' body.

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Notes From Members

Truly enlightening from both a nutrition and mindset perspective. Kat provides a holistic approach to living healthily, without restrictive fad diets. I can feel the difference in my energy levels, anxiety is lower, and my skin is clearer than ever.

Michelle Kasmierski

She empowers us to keep nourishing our bodies well when the program is over. I have the knowledge to listen more to my body and really give it what it needs. I am still on a strong path of nourishing my body well and feeling great! Thanks Kat!

Tamara Agar

Kat runs a perfect balance between the nutrition side of wellness, as well as the mental and emotional side. Her support, knowledge, and advice are more than I could ever hope for as I continue on my journey to becoming healthier and happy in my own skin.

Tess Smith