After Falling Victim to the Dieting Industry, I Decided to Change My Story!

After falling victim to the dieting industry, feeling low vibe, low energy, and struggling with IBS - I decided to change my story.

> I knew that there was more to life than dieting
> that we can be healthy without depriving ourselves
> that this wasn't the way that I was going to get healthy and feel incredible in my body

Also... I saw how dieting was affecting the young impressionable girls around me. I simply couldn't carry this forward, but I didn't know what the heck health looked like or felt like.


> We have been photoshopped out of reality - magazines and perfectly angled photos. 
> Our culture has equated thin/skinny with being healthy. 
> After years of dieting, I had no idea what the best amount of food would be to nourish my body and feel great!

I searched and searched for a nutritionist or dietician to help me. But... everyone was promoting a specific diet type, focused on weight over health, and I legit couldn't find anyone to help.

Right around the corner was a Private Nutrition School that had a Natural Nutrition Program! I went for an interview and registered for the program the next day. I knew this was my calling because I traded nights out for studying while working a full time job 


All that to say, 8 years later after a lot of studying and healing my own relationship to food, I founded the High Vibe Nutrition Plan!

😋 This is the nutrition plan for those of you who want to figure out how to approach health from a nourishing place rather than a restrictive place! 😋

> More energy so you can reach your kick ass goals.
> Allowing your body to work with you, not against you.
> A nourishing, health focused method.

How many rules do you carry around consciously and subconsciously about how you *should* eat? Never ending lists of foods that are GOOD and foods that are BAD?

There's a never ending list of diets that teach us to restrict and deprive ourselves. That leave us feeling a lot of guilt and fear around food!

And here's what happens, right? We eat salads and tiny portions only to feel hungry within 30 mins and reach for 10 cups of coffee to suppress your appetite or caving and having the damn bag of chips, mindlessly eating chocolate, or diving head first into a jar of PB? 

Girl, you're not alone in this chaos!

I was sucked in by the neverending rules and restrictions. I was trying to stick to a low-fat, low-sugar diet, salads, smoothies, and tracking everything that touched my lips. 

The fad diets and nutrition systems can lead us into a continuous yo-yo cycle, drive our emotional eating tendencies, and ultimately distort our relationship to food and our body.

Dieting doesn't teach you what actually matters when it comes to feeling healthy & vibrant so that you can crush your goals!

The High Vibe Healthy Women Nutrition Plan is for you if you want to build a foundation of health focused on what your body thrives on. 

When you join you will have lifetime access to The Plan, the trainings (including future updates), all of the Bonus Course Content, and the VIP Facebook Community.

If you want the details to join, GO HERE! The healthy shifts are for life and your investment is $127 CAD, this is the early bird price until March 11th.

Kat Sloan Feeney

p.s. If you're ready to approach food in a whole new way, then the High Vibe Healthy Women Nutrition Plan is for you!