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And... She Did It Anyways

Hey Badass,
Stopping in to say you are capable of that thing you’re dreaming up. That race that's in the back of your mind. Having a stronger & leaner body. Moving up in the pack.
And before you get into “well…but it’s just not THAT easy for me”
And before you dive into self-doubt or limiting beliefs..
Here me out,
Before I ran my first 1/2 Marathon I would always say “OMG that’s the furthest I could run, I can’t imagine running for any longer than that”.
It simply seemed insane to me - and yet, it kept coming up in my mind that I would at some point run an ultra-marathon.
That race you want to do - you absolutely can. It might take grit and determination, but you absolutely without question are capable of that goal.
Just determine what the next step is.
I honestly didn’t really know what I was getting myself into the first time I signed up for a 5k… 10k, 21k, 50k (with hella elevation) and so on. I also didn’t have any proof that I would be able to do those distances until I did. In my mind I figured it wouldn’t be possible.
In particular the busiest year of my corporate career when I trained for a 50k! I really had no idea if I’d be able to complete it.
I committed. It wasn't "ideal" the nights when I'd get home at 11pm and need to be up by 4:30am to get training in before work. But, I just decided it was what I wanted and tried my damndest to have a good sleep during those few hours LOL. Not recommended, but just sayin... if you want it, you can get after it.
I nailed my nutrition (while not worrying about some M&Ms) and found ways to prep meals in a short amount of time - found a few places close to work where I could get salads, protein, and grains - and just went with it.
I made sure to smile and have as much fun as possible.
…even on the toughest training days.
Or cry it out when I needed to.
All that to say. If you want it, you have the strength within you!
But, Seriously, you do! Or did you forget who you ARE?!
// P.S. //
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