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My Story





Hey Love,

I am Kat Feeney, I went from struggling with dieting and hating my body, to nourished and confident in my skin. I help women do the same!

Navigating the world of health was soooo freaking challenging that I chose to study Holistic Nutrition, seek a ton of help from coaches and books, and work through the struggle to get here and help you. 

The dieting industry has us so focused on restricting foods and being a certain size that it's difficult to know what is best when it comes to nutrition and wellness. Not only that, but we are taught from a very young age that our worthiness is somehow related to our dress size. 

There are a million influencers who we perceive to have perfect bodies and perfect lives, and so we aspire to have the willpower that they have... meanwhile they are dropping their body fat percentage so low that they lose their period. 

I say this with so much compassion for the women who are struggling, but need to bring this to the surface so that you understand what you see as images of health & wellness, isn't always the reality! 

I'm not here to say that I am perfect. Yup, I'm a human over here and have moments of "oh my gosh, my pants don't fit". What I am here to say is that we don't need to kill ourselves trying to get some magic number on the scale. 

My mission is to reframe the way we approach food and our bodies. To look at nutrition as a way to help you support your body through everything you wish to accomplish in this beautiful life. 

My Real & Raw Story:

I took dieting to the extreme and fell into borderline anorexia in my early 20's. I was obsessed with food, stepping on the scale, and being skinny. While I thought that I was being healthy and felt so in control: this couldn't have been farther from the truth. After seeing doctors for over 3 years, I knew I needed to change my story and learn what being healthy truly is! I wanted to be the best version of myself. I wanted to change the story for women who are struggling with body image and diet culture. 


I care most about being the best version of myself, for myself. I care about having a body that takes me through all of the wonderful experiences I crave in this lifetime.


My mission was born out of the realization that so many women are looking for exactly what I'd been looking for; a nutrition plan and program to give their body what it needs, not just another diet plan. 

I'm not your typical nutritionist who subscribes to one way of eating, cutting out food groups, or never touching a piece of cake again. I believe in eating foods on purpose that nourish your body, mind, and soul. My method involves a simple approach to nutrition where there is always room for the foods that you love! 

Fun facts about me:

  • I'm a social introvert. Big groups freak me out and I am super comfortable being alone.

  • As an empath, I am great at listening, feeling, and coaching. I also need to be careful of the energy that I am absorbing from others. 

  • I'm into adventure sports including backcountry & alpine skiing, rock climbing, and kiteboarding. 

  • I started running casually when I was 21, but took a break when I was overcoming borderline anorexia. 

  • The first 1/2 marathon that I ran, I placed first because not many people bothered to sign up! LOL, I'll take it! 

  • My first trail 1/2 marathon was the Be Fearless Trail 1/2 Marathon in Squamish BC in 2016, which is hosted by Run Like A Girl.

  • I've run 3 x 50 kilometer and 1x 50 mile trail ultra-marathons, and plan on running another 50 miler in 2020.

  • As for the professional things: I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. These two mesh beautifully. 

  • Prior to committing to running this beautiful website and business, I spent 11 + years in Real Estate Development working behind the scenes on all things sales, spreadsheets, and legal documents. 


    You are more powerful that you give yourself credit for.

    You can absolutely change your story, no matter what.

    You are worthy of everything that you desire! 


    Race Recap for the runners who wanna see what I've been up to!

    Race Recap - From What I Can Remember :)

    2019 The North Face Valley to Peak Whistler 10k - 1:20

    2019 Whistler Half 1/2 Marathon - 2:01

    2019 Survival Of The Fittest 35K - 5:19

    2018 Squamish50 50K - DNF

    2018 Squamish50 50 Miler - 13:42

    2018 Buckin’ Hell 50K - 8:10

    2018 Toronto Marathon - 5:01 - my knee hurt at the 10km mark, and somehow powered through at a run/walk pace!

    2017 Phantom Trail 24.5K - 3:14

    2017 Whistler Valley to Peak 22.5K - 4:09

    2017 Squamish50 23K - 3:13

    2017 San Diego 5K - 0:23:42

    2017 San Diego Beach & Bay 1/2 Marathon - 1:56

    2016 Deception Pass 50K - 6:44

    2016 Hallow’s Eve Trail Marathon - 6:09

    2016 MEC Trail Race Five 10k - 1:07

    2016 Rock n Roll Oasis 1/2 Marathon - 1:59

    2016 SQ 50K - 8:56

    2016 Be Fearless Trail 1/2 Marathon - 2:41

    2016 BMO 1/2 Marathon - 1:52

    2014 My first Half Marathon, North Vancouver 2:02 - First Place as everyone slept in? ;) 

    2012 Vertfest Crystal Mountain Ski Race 2,280 ft - 1:39 

    Between 2010 and 2012 I focused on overcoming the extremes of anorexia. I had been restricting since 2006. I attempted to train for some races, but I kept getting injured and it was all for the best of my recovery to be more sedentary and do things like yoga.

    2009 Some 10K that became a 12K - 1:08

    2009 Longest Day Road Race 10K - 0:50:54

    2009 Vancouver Sun Run 10K - 0:52:29

    2008 Vertfest Alpental Ski Randone Race 2,400 ft - 3:41