The Course

An Eight Week Group Coaching Intensive To Help You End The Struggle With Food & Your Body

Now Enrolling for May 23rd, 2019 Start Date!

So That You Can Feel Confident & Sexy In Your Skin

If you've been struggling with your relationship to food and your body, then keep on reading...

You absolutely can get healthy as f^ck and have a body you feel amazing in.

You already know this. Actually, you’ve always known this. You can access a higher level of energy, achieve greater things because of it, and have a body that you feel super confident living in. A body that actually aligns with how you want to feel, and how you want to move through your life.

You have always known that there is an approach to getting a healthy body you want without the constant struggle. However, anytime you step into taking control of your health, you are flooded with dieting advice that contradicts itself and leaves you wondering what advice to trust.

It's absolutely crazy that fad diets continue to draw our attention, but damn they are catchy!

I know, and you know, it’s damn good marketing, it's catchy like the latest Justin Bieber song you can't get out of your head.  You also know that the new system claiming it "will allow you to get the body of your dreams in just 10 days" is B.S. crafted by a profit driven industry and any success is short-lived. 

Even I find myself wondering if there is some quick fix I can offer to transform a client’s life in 10 days. I get drawn into the ads in my newsfeed that are advertising all of these lifestyle diets that are really just another fad diet in disguise promoted by someone who hasn’t even been doing it for 3 months. Ugh… the marketing is good, though. #unfollow 

If you know in your heart and soul that it is something deeper, that you have unhealed parts that are blocking you from stepping into the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, then this coaching was made for you! 




An Intimate Group Coaching Program for Women Ready to End The Struggle With Food & Step Into Confidence:

The Confident + Sexy Code:

Ditch fatigue, gain more energy, and get the healthy body you've always wanted.

It's time for you to be confident + sexy in your body.

This POWERFUL BRAND NEW program is like nothing you've ever been offered before. Completely curated to help you take control of your health, have more energy than you ever thought possible, and get clear on what matters when it comes to nutrition and fueling your body's needs.

  • It’s a LIVE program, so we will meet at a scheduled time virtually as a group weekly. All LIVE calls will be recorded so you can watch them again at any time. 

  • You can tune in from anywhere, since this is a virtual format: the comfort of your home, or wherever you happen to be!

  • There is unlimited group support in our private facebook community!

  • You’ll receive a ton of simple, nourishing recipes that are aligned with the teaching of this course. 

  • Plus sample meal plans to help you integrate this into your life without any unnecessary stress.

  • Additional resources that apply to the lessons and coaching and which you can use over and over again.

  • We will have a strong private online community where we will interact daily in a connected and supportive way. This is a gossip free, confidential zone: I don't have any tolerance for that, and neither do you!

  • On the coaching calls you will have the opportunity to be personally coached by me so that you get the most out of this experience. 

Sometimes when people read “Nutritionist” or “Nutrition Program” they think it’s a diet or some quick fix system. This is not Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any other system for that matter. If you’re looking for a generic community where you follow along with the pack of people who are jumping in and out of dieting, competitive challenges, or a collage of before and after photos… then the Confident & Sexy Code is NOT for you. Competition between women leads to a lot of comparison and judgement. This is something we are moving away from in the Confident & Sexy Code. We offer encouragement and support for you to live your best life in the healthiest way ever!

This is about learning the foundations of health, learning to tune into your body’s cues for what you need in order to get even more energy, and therefore getting the body you desire from a place that FEELS good and works long-term. Because we will have decoded and rewired all of the things that are keeping you stuck.  


If we have not met yet, I am Kat Sloan Feeney!

I’ve been immersed in the wellness/dieting industry studying it for over 13 years. Every single diet book, popular healthy living blog, and carefully curated instagram feed has been seen by my eyes. I’ve gone through phases of binge eating, feeling out of control, phases of extreme restriction and obsessing over everything I put in my mouth, and after studying this relentlessly, and realizing that it didn’t have to be ALL OR NOTHING and that most of what we read is just another gimmicky sales pitch based on nothing… I cracked it. I studied to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, which is honestly one of the coolest designations out there in relation to looking at what healthy eating actually IS. We decoded diets, found all the holes in them and discovered WHY they don’t ever work long term. And through this, plus personal and professional experience, I founded the Confident + Sexy Code!

When I think back I realize just how shitty I felt for so many years despite following what I thought was healthy. Struggling with disordered eating, bloating, digestive issues, fatigue, no matter what I did! I tried everything, but unfortunately none of it was about healthy eating at all. I felt so much shame, guilt, anxiety, and fear around food. Some days it wasn't there and I felt really good, but then I’d read something else and be back in the same place wondering what I might be doing wrong.

I struggled deeply for years and even when I began to struggle less and food wasn’t taking over my entire life, there were still pieces that felt “off”, I still had an unhealthy relationship with food and my body. I didn’t quite TRUST myself and my body yet. This is when I was able to do some deeper studying around making mental shifts and changing belief patterns to fully overcome this. If you need the tools around this, I’ve got them for you!

I designed the Confident + Sexy Code because I see so many women around me struggling with similar issues around food and their body to what I struggled with. And, while I had amazing mentors and was able to invest money in a several different programs to eventually get to where I am now.. I realized that nothing like this was available. A course that would walk you through the steps to develop a positive relationship with food & your body and have the tools to deal with the things that come up along the way. Not just that, but allow you to THRIVE like never before.

We are not going back to before this was an issue for you, we are going forward and beyond to have the health you’ve always wanted and never thought possible.

Let's go forward together :) You in?



This IS Possible:

> Loving your reflection in the mirror & feeling confident as f^ck.

> Purchasing that outfit you've been eyeing, wearing it, and ROCKING it.

> Waking up in the morning feeling ready to take on the world. When was the last time you honestly felt that?

> Completely in control around food!

> Eating food without stressing over every single bite.

> Knowing WHAT to eat. And having it fit seamlessly into your life.

And, OH MY GOD...getting your life back.  Seriously, all the time you have to spend consumed with how you look and struggling with what to eat - you'll get to spend that time on things that, let's be real, you're currently not focused on to what you know is your full potential.


  • This 8 week course is next level. We will be diving deep into looking at what you truly desire and why you're not reaching that, YET.

  • We talk optimizing nutrition - because that is important, but we also talk about the mindset behind stepping into the body you truly desire.

  • If you allow it, this course will lead you through some shifts that will allow you to be the healthiest person you know.

So much so, that your friends will be asking you what your secret is. 



Total Investment for this 8 Week Intensive Coaching Program is $700 CAD ($300 off)


Is The Confident + Sexy Code Right For You?

> You're so over struggling to figure this thing out, even though you feel like you *should* be able to on your own. You want strategies and tools to help you shift faster.

> You're ready to make some big shifts and aren't afraid to try something new.

> You'd love to have a coach & community of women who GET you and who are here to support each other. This is a confidential group and zero-tolerance, gossip free zone.


How is the 8 Week Course Delivered?   

> I will be virtually coaching you LIVE each week (Evenings PST) for 8 weeks and all calls will be recorded. 

> Yes, you read that right! I will be coaching you on these calls and helping you walk through the stuff that is keeping you stuck so that you can be healthier than ever! 

> Other supportive content + homework will be delivered within the Facebook Group and by email.

> Access to me outside of the live coaching calls to check in and ask questions.

> The Private Confident + Sexy Code Members ONLY Facebook Community

> Lifetime Access to All Trainings + Course Content :) 



The Confident & Sexy Couse is focused on the internal re-programming, belief system, and coaching you through all of this. There is huge value in also having a solid nutrition practice to help you on this path!

So, I'm gifting you the High Vibe Healthy Women Nutrition Plan a $199 value for free! I know this will support you on your journey to getting healthy as f^ck. 


Now Enrolling for May 23rd, 2019 Start Date!

Total Investment for this 8 Week Intensive Coaching Program is

$700 CAD ($300 off)



I Can't Wait To Start The Confident + Sexy Code With You And Help You Shift Into The Healthiest Version Of You!