Eat Like A Girl Program

Eat Like A Girl Program

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There is a balance between knowing how to fuel your body properly without going overboard. I'm all for treats and don't believe in extreme restrictions, but there is definitely a fine line when you want to be a strong and healthy runner.

Learn exactly what matters when it comes to giving your body the nutrients it needs to get the body your desire and support your athletic endeavors. We cover everything from daily nutrition to pre, during, and post-race. 

When I first entered running events and other races I had no idea how to properly support my body. It was a constant struggle understanding if I was eating too little or too much. I wanted to reach my ideal weight, but also wanted to ensure that I had the energy and endurance to train for and complete races.

After a complete energy crash not even half way through one of my races in 2008, I dedicated my attention to learning how we can best support our bodies. Nutrition became less about being the skinniest I could be to having a body that could carry me through the activities I desire in this lifetime. 

The dieting world will lead you to believe that you need to eat a 1200 calorie diet, low fat, salads, and tiny portions. But.. as a runner you'd feel hungry within 30 mins and reach for 10 cups of coffee to suppress your appetite or cave and having the damn bag of chips, mindlessly eat chocolate chip cookie dough in bed, or dive head first into a jar of PB. 

Eating well is not all about kale chips and juice cleanses.

The KSF Wellness approach is one in which you eat with intent. Whether it is a nourishing veggie bowl or a piece of chocolate cake on a casual Tuesday. Nothing is off limits, but everything is intentional.

The 6 Week Program will give you the skills to finally become confident in the kitchen and achieve your ideal body. Learn how to optimally eat for your goals whether cooking at home or making choices when eating out! This program has been designed to get results that last.


6 Weeks Live Coaching Includes:

  • Weekly Live Coaching Call, available for replay 
  • Complete guide filled with simple recipes 
  • Weekly meal plans - including vegetarian plans!
  • Daily Calorie/Macro Breakdowns - easily adjustable based on your goals
  • Flexible Dieting Training - so you can eat foods you love & get results 
  • Intuitive Eating Training - so you won't have to track for life, and you can get to know what your body thrives best with.
  • Community Support with me and all the other #KSFbabes

Eat Like A Badass, Get Results, Achieve Your Goals. 


  • 6 weekly meal plans + your daily calorie and macro breakdown so that you can stray away from the meal plans and stay on track with your goals

  • Recipes that are quick, simple and designed to help you learn how to eat in a sustainable way without any extreme dieting 

  • Shopping lists to make grocery shopping easy

  • Regular + vegetarian meal plans

  • Optional gluten free or dairy free - just substitute where needed

We will be using my personal methods and approach to health & wellness:

* Flexible Dieting - yea, we focus on getting nutrient-dense foods into your body, but there's also room for your favourite foods.

* More energy so you can reach your kick ass goals.

* Allowing your body to work for you, not against you.

* A nourishing, health focused method - that also helps you reach your goals without all the struggle.



    You Can Have It All.

    Everything comes down to your mindset and what you believe is possible for you. We will cover the following topics to support you in achieving your goals! 

    • Decide who you are at the next level 
    • Break free from comparisonitis 
    • Discover what it takes for you to truly commit and follow through 
    • Create a healthy relationship to food & your body 
    • Quit starving yourself, quit binge eating 



    You'll have access to our exclusive community for women doing this challenge alongside you. This is where accountability happens, where questions are answered, and where ideas and progress can be shared. You can post in there 24/7! 



    The 6 Week Challenge is open for the entire 6 Weeks. I will leave the program site up for 2 weeks following completion, but after that it will be closed. You will have *lifetime* access to the VIP Facebook Community for women who have completed any of my programs. Unless Facebook implodes for some reason ;). 

    • Access to the program - July 15th
    • Challenge Starts - July 22nd
    • Weekly Live Coaching Call - Every Tuesday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST
    • All Live Coaching Calls will be recorded and available for those who cannot attend in real time.
    • Challenge Completes - September 1st 
    • Lifetime access to the VIP Facebook Community with women who have completed any of my programs.

    You Want It? You Got It.  








    About Me, Your Coach.

    Hey Love, I'm Kat Sloan Feeney. My story isn't your typical ‘weight loss’ transformation. I took dieting to the extreme. I was skinny, exhausted and obsessed with food and my body. I spent my days restricting my intake and counting every calorie that touched my lips. This eventually took a toll on my health. I then went to the opposite extreme gaining 30lbs, eating non-stop and not giving AF. This, too took a toll on my health and fitness. Now, I've discovered this beautiful space where we can be healthy and fit with a flexible, non-restrictive approach to health and fitness. 

    Disclaimer: I'm not perfect. I don't follow all of the *rules* of being healthy. Every single long-distance trail race I eat peanut M&Ms and drink Coca Cola. I spend the least amount of time in the kitchen possible to get the outcome that I want. Cooking doesn't always bring me joy - I do it so that I can eat food that I know will provide me with the energy and weight that I feel my absolute best at.

    I can't wait to see you in the program!


    Kat Sloan Feeney

    You can redefine yourself at any moment and live the story you want to tell