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Eat Like A Girl: For Runners

Eat Like A Girl: For Runners

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  • "I'm eating REALLY clean this week."

  • Eats chia pudding, smoothies, and salads. Drinks green juice. All of the rules!

  • "I'm being so good. So confident about my commitment to this healthy lifestyle."

  • Enter the most stressful day at work and that guy doesn't text you back.

  • "I need all of the cookies and all of the wine!"

  • Drinks the wine, eats the cookies. Feels pretty good, relaxing even. 

Enter guilt.

"I shouldn't have eaten those cookies, all of that pizza.. and should have stopped at the second glass of wine". 


    My story was pretty dang similar! 

    I'd commit and eat all of the healthy things and control my portions. I'd make meals at home and if I went out order a salad with dressing on the side. I made it to the gym or out for a run 5-6 days per week.

    Things would go really well, until... 

    I got slammed at work, had a bad meeting, and wound up stressed and exhausted. 

    Friday night would then lead to all of the wine with my girlfriends OR binge watching netflix and eating multiple bowls of cereal and gluten free cookies. 

    With all of the stress my motivation would waiver and meals would not be prepped for the week ahead. 

    This I call the Diet. Stress Eat (Binge). Guilt. Rinse & Repeat Cycle. 

    I became so frustrated with this cycle, the fluctuations in my weight, mood, and energy levels. 

    And here's what I realized: we are not failing, the system is broken, flawed, ludicrous. d

    Reach your healthiest weight and cross finish lines strong & proud.

    As I stepped into the realm of being an athlete (c'mon, don't reject that title just yet) I realized that everything I'd learned from years of absorbing diet culture wasn't going to get me anywhere. Even in times where I wanted to lose a bit of weight. 

    There is a balance between knowing how to fuel your body properly without going overboard. And, on the flipside, making sure you get enough so that you don't burnout during training or hit a wall in your next race. Unfortunately most of the courses and information 'out there' is more concerned with weight loss and cutting food groups than how we can SUPPORT our body. 

    I don't believe in extreme restrictions. That said, there is definitely a method when you want to be a strong and healthy runner/athlete and maintain you personal ideal weight. Which I believe to mean - the weight your body naturally feels its' best at without needing to follow any extremes. 

    This is going to be different for everyone; contrary to what you might have been told! Someone who is 5'1" could be really fit and healthy and happy at the same weight as someone who is 5'5". There is no magic number for your height, it really depends on what amount of muscle and fat your body feels best at. Only you truly know! 

    You may or may not identify yourself as an athlete. But, you are. I'm using it in the chill everyday athlete sense. It really doesn't matter if you're going for the podium or not. I am using the term athlete in the sense where you care about moving your body, having fun, and probably even improving whether in smiles or miles!

    When I first entered running events and other races I had no idea how to properly support my body. It was a constant struggle understanding if I was eating too little or too much. I wanted to reach/maintain my ideal weight, but also wanted to ensure that I had the energy and endurance to train for and complete races.

    After a complete energy crash not even half way through one of my races in 2008, I dedicated my attention to learning how we can best support our bodies.

    Nutrition became less about being the skinniest I could be to having a body that could carry me through the activities I desire in this lifetime. 

    The Hangry Runners approach is one in which you eat with intent. Whether it is a nourishing veggie bowl or a piece of chocolate cake on a casual Tuesday. Nothing is off limits, but everything is intentional. 

    Learn exactly what matters when it comes to giving your body the nutrients it needs to get the body your desire and support your athletic endeavors. We cover everything from daily nutrition to pre, during, and post-race. 

    The 6 Week Course will give you the skills to finally become confident in the kitchen and achieve your ideal body. Learn how to eat optimally to support your race goals!

    Next session starts October 28th!

    • Weekly Live Coaching Calls, available for replay 

    • Complete guide filled with simple recipes 

    • Weekly meal plans - including vegetarian plans!

    • Daily Calorie/Macro Breakdowns - easily adjustable based on your goals

    • Flexible Dieting Training - so you can eat foods you love & get results 

    • Community Support with me and all the other #KSFbabes

     Meal Plans

    • 6 weekly meal plans + your daily calorie and macro breakdown so that you can stray away from the meal plans and stay on track with your goals

    • Recipes that are quick, simple and designed to help you learn how to eat in a sustainable way without any extreme dieting 

    • Shopping lists to make grocery shopping easy

    • Regular + vegetarian meal plans

    • Optional gluten free or dairy free - just substitute where needed

    My Personal Methods:

    * Flexible Dieting - yea, we focus on getting nutrient-dense foods into your body, but there's also room for your favourite foods.

    * More energy so you can reach your kick ass goals.

    * Allowing your body to work for you, not against you.

    * A nourishing, health focused method - that also helps you reach your goals without all the struggle.


    You Can Have It All. A Powerful Mindset Training.

    Everything comes down to your mindset and what you believe is possible for you. We will cover the following topics to support you in achieving your goals! 

    • Decide who you are at the next level. 

    • Break free from comparisonitis.

    • Discover what it takes for you to truly commit and follow through.

    • Create a healthy relationship to food & your body. 

    • Quit starving yourself, quit binge eating.


    Exclusive Hangry Runners Community.

    You'll have access to our exclusive community for women doing this challenge alongside you. This is where accountability happens, where questions are answered, and where ideas and progress can be shared. You can post in there 24/7! 

    Key Dates

    The 6 Week Challenge includes modules intended to be completed within six weeks. You will have lifetime access to the course materials and bonus. While the Facebook Group will only be available for the 6 Weeks that we are together, you will have *lifetime* access to my VIP Facebook Community for women who have completed any of my courses. Unless Facebook implodes for some reason ;). 

    • Lifetime access to the course! You'll receive the link by October 21st, and we officially begin October 28th. 

    • Weekly Live Coaching Call - Every Thursday at 5:00pm PT (TBC) for 6 Weeks.

    • All live calls are available for replay.

    • Access to the Hangry Runners [Paid] Community for the full 6 weeks, though I probably won't remove you immediately ;)

    • Lifetime access to my Inner Circle Facebook Community with everyone who has completed any of my courses. 







    About Me, Your Coach.

    Hey Love, I am Kat Feeney. I help women who have been struggling with dieting to eat in a way that supports their fitness goals. When I became more and more involved in running, I quickly realized that most of the *health* industry was not meant for athletes. Traditional dieting and restricting calories and food groups doesn't work when you're training for races!

    When I was following the traditional *healthy eating* rules I was skinny, exhausted and obsessed with food and my body. My body was NOT supported in the ways it is now. It's how the Hangry Girl method was born! 

    Disclaimer: I don't follow all of the *rules*. Every single long-distance trail race I eat peanut M&Ms and drink Coca Cola. I also have a love for Smartfood Popcorn and Pizza - always making room for these foods when I want them. 

    This course is for you if you want to get healthy as f*ck and have the energy and endurance to train hard & cross finish lines strong.



    "Truly enlightening from both a nutrition and mindset perspective. Kat provides a holistic approach to living healthily, without restrictive fad diets. I can feel the difference in my energy levels, anxiety is lower, and my skin is clearer than ever."

    ~ Michelle

    "She empowers us to keep nourishing our bodies well when the program is over. I have the knowledge to listen more to my body and really give it what it needs. I am still on a strong path of nourishing my body well and feeling great! Thanks Kat!"

    ~ Tamara

    "Before working with Kat I figured I just needed a nutritionist. As an athlete I was used to being capable with my body and mind, all I needed was a little technical advice and direction, right? What I got was not only a nutritionist, but a mindset coach, a friend, and someone to give me hope that I can be the person I want to be. Kat runs a perfect balance between working on the science and nutrition side of wellness, as well as the mental and emotional side. Her support, questions, knowledge, advice, and exercises are more than I could ever hope for as I continue on my journey to becoming healthier and happy in my own skin."