The Course

The Course

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A 3 Month 1:1 Coaching Program To Help You End The Struggle With Food & Stop Hating Your Body.

So That You Can Finally Feel Confident and Sexy.

You absolutely can.

It's Time To Break Free Of Restrictive Dieting.

To Put A Stop To The Emotional Eating Rollercoaster.

To Heal Your Relationship to Food & Your Body.

...So That You Can:

Get Healthy As F^ck

Radiate Confidence

and Feel Sexy Inside & Out.

Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Emotionally.


You've tried so many different diets. Nothing sticks or makes you feel good. At the slightest sign of progress towards getting the body you desire, you give up and sabotage your progress.

You joined the 10 day juice cleanse, did the 21 day clean eating challenge, dabbled in veganism, keto, and tried meal replacements and various supplements. And... nada. You're still not where you want to be. 

At this point you know that it's something deeper. That there is a reason why you aren't able to get the healthy body you've been trying so hard to get for such a long time. 

You can sense that there is a deeper layer that needs to be healed. That there are things getting in the way. And... honestly you're smarter than the diet industry even though you often find yourself drawn to it. There is a knowingness within you that dieting doesn't need to be strict and rigid. But, you just can't quite figure it out.  

You're ready to heal the stuff that is beneath all of that. You know that your struggle with food is just the surface. That there are deeper reasons why you're not stepping into the confidence and sexiness you know is within you.


But, it seems nearly impossible.

To let go. To get unstuck. To navigate this with all of the pressure from society to look like a photoshopped model on the cover of the latest issue.

Fad diets and unrealistic ideals continue to draw your attention! It’s catchy like the latest Ariana Grande song that you can't help but sing in the shower. And omg...have you heard the latest one '7 Rings'?  I'm in love with it. 

It's easy to believe that you need another restrictive diet program or nutrition system. I can bet that any time you bring up your struggles with a friend or family member they tell you about the latest keto intermittent fasting special supplement thing they heard about and that you ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY. But, you're kinda done with bouncing from diet to diet. 

Yes, it's about the food. But, it's also not about the food.

If you know in your heart and soul that it is something deeper, that you have unhealed parts that are blocking you from stepping into the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, then this coaching was made for you!

Want to heal your relationship to food and finally feel incredible in your skin?



The Confident & Sexy Code

My Private 1:1 Coaching Program for Women Ready to End The Struggle With Food & Step Into Confidence.

This POWERFUL BRAND NEW program is like nothing you've ever been offered before.

We dive deep into what is truly holding you back from having an incredible relationship with food & your body. Through our coaching sessions we have the opportunity to work through the stuff that is keeping you stuck. 

  • We will have 2 coaching calls per month which will be recorded so you can stay present on the call. 

  • Voice message support in between calls using a free app available on iPhone or Android. I usually respond within a few hours. 

  • Videos, supporting content, trainings, recipes as aligned with our calls together. 

Sometimes when people read “Nutritionist” or "Health Coach" they think it’s a diet, quick fix system, or weight loss promotion. This is not Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any other system for that matter. If you’re looking for a generic community where you follow along with the pack of people who are jumping in and out of dieting, or competitive challenges - this is not it. 

Yes, I will teach you about health and that you absolutely can achieve a body you feel good in. We are here to heal the emotional patterns and beliefs that are leading you to sabotaging your health. 

This is about getting the body you desire from a place that FEELS good and works long-term. Because we will have decoded and rewired all of the things that are keeping you stuck.  

If we have not met yet, I am Kat Sloan Feeney!

I’ve been immersed in the wellness/dieting industry studying it for over 13 years. Every single diet book, popular healthy living blog, and carefully curated instagram feed has been seen by my eyes. I’ve gone through phases of binge eating, feeling out of control, phases of extreme restriction and obsessing over everything I put in my mouth, and after studying this relentlessly, and realizing that it didn’t have to be ALL OR NOTHING and that most of what we read is just another gimmicky sales pitch based on nothing… I cracked it. I studied to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, which is honestly one of the coolest designations out there in relation to looking at what healthy eating actually IS. We decoded diets, found all the holes in them and discovered WHY they don’t ever work long term. I went to every extra class on emotional eating and disordered eating available, read all of the books, and hired several coaches to fully understand and work through this. It is 100% why I teach what I teach ~ this is my passion!

When I think back I realize just how shitty I felt for so many years despite following what I thought was healthy. Struggling with disordered eating, bloating, digestive issues, fatigue, no matter what I did! I tried everything. I felt so much shame, guilt, anxiety, and fear around food.

I became a coach and designed this course because I saw so many women around me struggling with similar issues around food and their body to what I struggled with. And, while I had amazing mentors and was able to invest money in a several different programs to eventually get to where I am now.. I realized that nothing like this was available. A course that would walk you through the steps to develop a positive relationship with food & your body and have the tools to deal with the things that come up along the way. 

KNOW THIS: We are not going back to before this was an issue for you, we are going forward and beyond to have the health you’ve always wanted and never thought possible.

Let's go forward together :) You in? 

This IS Possible:

> Loving your reflection in the mirror & feeling confident as f^ck.

> Purchasing that outfit you've been eyeing, wearing it, and ROCKING it.

> Waking up in the morning feeling ready to take on the world. When was the last time you honestly felt that? 

> Completely in control around food!

> Eating food without stressing over every single bite.

> Knowing WHAT to eat. And having it fit seamlessly into your life. 

And, OH MY GOD...getting your life back.  Seriously, all the time spent consumed with how you look, the anxieties, guilty feelings, just imagine how much time and energy you would have if that was lifted?



I have space for 3 people to join!

Total Investment for this 3 Month Coaching Program is a single payment of $599. If you need a payment plan, please contact me and we can arrange this!

Is The Course Right For You?

> You're so over struggling to figure this thing out, even though you feel like you *should* be able to on your own. You want strategies and tools to help you shift faster.

> You're ready to make some big shifts and aren't afraid to try something new.

> You'd love to have a coach & community of women who GET you and who are here to support each other. This is a confidential group and zero-tolerance, gossip free zone.



Kat Sloan Feeney

I Can't Wait To Work With You And Help You Shift Into The Healthiest Version Of You!